Carlene Thomas King, CEO

Meet Carlene, your trusted Texas Real Estate Broker with a passion for solving real estate puzzles strategically. With a background in working closely with diverse clients, Carlene has honed her negotiation, communication, and problem-solving skills, making her an invaluable asset to her clientele.

As a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, Carlene has always been dedicated to ensuring her clients make informed decisions while streamlining the entire process for them. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond transactions; she believes in fostering lasting relationships with her clients and assisting them in resolving disputes involving a myriad of real estate issues.

Carlene’s approach to real estate and development is characterized by collaboration, meticulousness, impartiality, and informed decision-making. She understands that each client and property is unique, and she tailors her strategies accordingly to achieve optimal outcomes.

With a track record of successful deals and satisfied clients, Carlene stands ready to guide you through your real estate journey with expertise, integrity, and a personalized touch. Experience the difference with Carlene as your trusted advisor in the Texas real estate market.

Carlene respects legal procedures and views them not as obstacles, but as tools to diffuse tense situations. She prioritizes her client’s interests and is dedicated to empowering them with knowledge about the necessary steps to take.  In addition to her academic credentials, Carlene is a Certified Mediator, and Arbitrator, as well as a Certified Community Health Worker with the Texas Department of State Health Services. Her expertise also extends to property valuation and tax dispute resolution.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Carlene is deeply passionate about supporting cancer patients. As a cancer survivor herself, she serves as a mentor to those facing similar battles, offering guidance and support from the moment of diagnosis. Through her nonprofit organization, Shades of Survival, Inc., Carlene facilitates the Sista Survivors support group, providing a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and find strength in the community. 

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