Carlene Thomas King, CEO


Carlene is a competent and neutral professional who can quickly comprehend the legal, commercial, and individual facets of cases while dissecting the most critical issues proficiently. Carlene holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Technology with a minor in Training and Development. She is also a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, Certified Mediator and Arbitrator, Certified Community Health worker in the Texas Department of State Health Services, and Property valuation and tax dispute professional. Furthermore, she gained extensive training from the Mediation World, LLC., ranging from Basic to Advanced Mediation and Arbitrator training


Before her current role, she grew familiar with solving real estate problems strategically from working with various clients. Carlene brings refined negotiation, communication, and problem-solving approach, making her a valuable asset to clients. As a broker, she was also accountable for helping her clients make informed decisions while simplifying the entire process for them. In her present role, she believes that employing a more collaborative, meticulous, unbiased, and informed approach is key to success. However, she strives to build lasting relationships with her clients while helping them resolve disputes involving diverse issues relating to realty.


Carlene understands legal procedures and does not wish to outrun them, but use them as a tool to calm situations. She holds the interests of these clients at hearts and is committed to educating them on the measures to take. Beyond her career, she is passionate about working with Cancer patients. As a cancer survivor, she currently mentor’s cancer patients, walk closely with them from the beginning of their diagnosis, assisting them to navigate the health care system and locate available resources. She owns a non-profit organization, Shades of Survival, Inc. and is the facilitator of the Sista Survivors support group.  Carlene also helps with client-related services for Cancer Care Services, Komen for the Cure, American Cancer Society and Moncrief Cancer Resources. | 1-817-891-8182

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